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We have decided to bring you an experience of quality wine, made with love and care. We cooperate with winemakers who value traditional techniques and sustainable practices in their vineyards. We believe in the power of unique stories and traditions, that are associated with each bottle of wine we offer. We´re happy to introduce these exceptional wines to you, which are the result of hard work and dedication from our friends, the winemakers. We will gladly advise you on choosing the right wine for you and provide details about its origin and character. 

Join us on a journey into the world of honest wines, full of passion and authenticity.

Love affair with Italian wine and food

Glenn´s passion for the “Dolce Vita” Italian life style came when he moved to Florence after a few years stadying to be a chef in various London restaurants. He lived in Tuscany for a few years and became familiar with the culture, lifestyle, local food, wine and learnt the language. Following life in Italy he moved to Denmark and spent a numeber of years cooking and having partnership in two Italian restaurants. Because of his Czech roots and his love for the country, he decided to move to Prague in 2008 and there he met Anna. Anna didn´t come from gastronomic background, but she soon became very enthusiastic with the project of Osteria Da Clara which lasted 11 years, until it was sold in 2019. After various trips to Italy, she became very knowledgeable and passionate about wine and now feels this is an important part of her life.

Our philosophy is simple, searching for small family run wineries, where respect, hard work, passion and quality goes hand in hand. 

Podere Assolati

Podere Assolati is a small winery and agriturismo farm situated in southern Tuscany with the extinct volcano Monte Amiata just a few km away. 

Montecucco is the name of the wine zone and is on the western edge of the Maremma area, it’s a short drive to Montalcino where the famous Brunello comes from. Assolati are a small family owned winery where the predominant grape is Sangiovese, the terrior and climate are ideal for this grape which is famous all over Tuscany. Luca Giannetti the son is responsible for producing rich, spicy, fruity red wines, which often get great reviews from wine guides such as Gambero Rosso, who have given the Montecucco Sangiovese 2 bicchiere on various occasions. They also produce an excellent Vermentino from locally grown grapes and also make a wonderful olive oil from local varieties such as Moraiolo, Frantoiano, Leccino and Olivestra Seggianese. Luca studied enology at Florence University and today the winery produces around 20,000 bottles a year. They have a charming farm house with a small pool and the grandmother and mother cook wonderfully.

Poderi Broselli

On the lower slopes of Monte Amiata an extinct volcano in southern Tuscany, you will find Poderi Borselli in the small village of Montegiovi. Since 1996 they have been producing organic wine and olive oil with a passion and respect for their beautiful surrounding nature, unique in this part of Tuscany and all of Italy. They make just four wines, two reds based on Sangiovese and two whites, one 100% Vermentino the other a blend of Trebbiano and Malvasia. It’s a very small annual wine production, less than 10,000 bottles, but the wines are very unique and made with passion, in fact their motto is “produced with happy energy” led by Davide Borselli and his small team. Over the years Poderi Borselli have gained a reputation of producing not only some of Italy’s finest olive oil, but also winning many awards as being one of the worlds most prestigious olive oils, mainly because of the locally grown Olivastra Seggianese olive and the addition of Leccino, Maurino and Frantoio varieties. They also run a small agriturismo and have a charming restaurant surrounded by the olive trees, where the family members cook delicious Tuscan food and where you can sample their wines and olive oil.

Podere Ema

On the renowned “Strada Chiantigiana” route, you will come across the Podere Ema winery. In 2001, the owners embarked on a journey to rediscover and plant ancient Tuscan grape varieties in their vineyard.

They named the project “Puro Toscano” (Pure Tuscan), which aimed to produce wines solely from original local grape varieties with a history of over 300 years. Before commencing production, they dedicated several years to experiments in collaboration with the local university. They planted a small experimental vineyard with 1000 cuttings from 12 different ancient grape varieties. Analysis helped determine the most suitable grape variety for their soil. This, the “Fogliatonda” wine was born, crafted from the ancient Tuscan grape variety known as Foglia Tonda (round leaf), valued for its enological potential. The winery allows this wine to mature in terracotta amphorae from the town of Impruneta, further highlighting the uniqueness and tradition of their territory. Equally intriguing is their “Nocchino” wine, made from a blend of three local grape varieties: Sangiovese, Foglia Tonda, and Colorino. These grapes are aged in oak barrels using the classic method. The unwavering commitment of the winemakers at Podere Ema to reclaim the ancient, revive the forgotten, and celebrate the true essence of the Tuscan territory has resulted in wines that carry the spirit of a land deeply rooted in history, passion, and the art of winemaking.

Fattoria Le Fonti

In the middle of the Chianti Classico region, between Florence and Siena, there’s a little village called Panzano. It’s famous for its butcher, Cecchini, and a yearly wine festival called “Vino al vino.” Right below the village church, at a height of 450 meters above sea level, you’ll find Fattoria Le Fonti vineyard. It’s a small and special winery that spans across 9 hectares of land, with an additional 6 hectares of olive groves. Since 1994, the Schmitt-Vitali family, Vicky and Guido, have owned and cared for the vineyard. They carefully replanted their vines with the right kind of plants and rootstock. From the harvest to the final blending, the family takes great care of the grapes and the wine production. Hare´s and rabbits frequently roam the vineyards of Le Fonti as wandering guests, so it comes as no surprise that our winemakers have chosen to display this sweet animal on the labels of their wines. The vineyards are planted in a mix of soil called Galestro. It’s made up of gravel, slate, limestone, sand, and clay. The soil varies across the estate, and the vines are planted strategically to make the most of these different elements. Most of the land, about 85%, is covered with Sangiovese grapes. The rest is evenly divided between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The vineyards are maintained in an environmentally friendly way and have received organic certification from the ICEA organization.Vicky and Guido know that great wine begins in the vineyard. That’s why they take good care of their vines and pick only the best grapes for their wines.

Fattoria di Gratena

Fattoria di Gratena is a small certified organic winery since 1994 and is run by a passionate wine maker Fabio de Ambrogi. Gratena can be found in the province of Arezzo in south eastern Tuscany. They have 18 hectares of vineyards and 1,600 olive trees and the locality is surrounded by woods and sheltered from any pollution leading to a unique microclimate ideal for their wines and olives. Gratena use just two local grapes Sangiovese and the recently discovered and certified Gratena nero which after thorough reserarch through the University of Milan was given status as an official Tuscan grape variety. Legend has it that the grape could have come to Tuscany from the Lombardy region over a century ago as previous owners of the farm moved to Tuscany from an area close to Milan. In the research the grape seemed to have similarities to a cross between Cabernet Franc and Barbera. An interesting story. Fattoria di Gratena’s wines are not typical of those you would find in Chianti Classico, mainly due to the organic and natural fermentation of the harvest and they don’t add any sulphites. Fabio and his team really have a lot of respect for their “terrior”.


Anna Muzzolini took over the business which her father Sergio had started over 40 years ago and with the same passion and dedication, Grilloiole is regarded as one of the top wineries in the Colli Orientali del Friuli. Together with her children Mattia and Giulia they produce some wonderful wines in this north-eastern part of Italy a few kms from the Slovenian border. They are found in an ancient farm house from the 1700’s with 9 hectares of vineyards in the village of Prepotto.Grilloiole are proud of their local native grapes of the area, notably the whites Friulano, Ribolla Gialla and Verduzzo and red varieties Refosco and Schioppettino di Prepotto, however their Sauvignon is probably the most popular of the winery and has won several awards for being among the worlds best Sauvignon’s. They also make a very drinkable Merlot. All in all the winery produces around 40,000 bottles annually. Grilloiole also offer B&B accomodation and are extremely welcoming hosts.


Sassotondo winery was formed in the mid 1990’s by Carla Benini an agronomist from Trento and Edoardo Ventmiglia a documentary film director from Rome. They decided to settle in southern Tuscany and live a dream of having their own vineyard. It was very tough at the beginning as the land and farmhouse had been abandoned and neglected. A few local ciliegiolo vines remained and in 1997 they made their first harvest. Sassotondo was named after a big round ancient stone was discovered in the middle of the vineyard. The area is located between the ancient Etruscan towns of Sorano and Pitigliano,the land is quite hilly and the earth is known as tufo, an element from the volcanic basin of nearby Lake Bolsano. Three appellations or wine districts are found in this area, Bianco di Pitigliano, Sovana and Maremma Toscana. Most of Sassotondo’s wine production are red varieties, Sangiovese, Merlot, Teroldego and above all the ancient grape famous for Maremma, Ciliegiolo. White varieties include Trebbiano, Greco and Sauvignon.They have been certified organic from the beginning and annually they make around 50,000 bottles and also produce a delightful olive oil.

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